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Design has always been more than just work to me. The best source of inspiration though is life outside of product design! Ultimately, what makes me happiest is to discover new places. I love being outdoors, whether it’s wandering around the city, going snowboarding, or learning about unfamiliar cultures and capturing people from different walks of life.


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I'm Sanne, a Dutch Product Designer currently based in sunny Barcelona. I love solving complex problems and trying to make people's lives a little better along the way.


Fighting malaria with help of artificial intelligence

Can we overcome the constraints of classic microscopy in isolated areas by creating AI that helps diagnose malaria without needing trained medical staff? This is a problem that a small ThoughtWorks team, together with AI Scope, set out to solve.

Giving businesses visibility and control over their supply chain

The logistics industry is ready for disruption. With this realisation, Twill was born as part of A.P. Møller – Maersk. Our goal: to drive change with an innovative digital freight forwarding solution.

Helping people plan their next trip

Skyscanner’s mission is to not just enable people to book their trips, but also to inspire them through clever search options. This case explores a new way of searching: one where the traveler finds the best options within a customised date range and trip length.



Starting out as an architect — what now feels like a lifetime ago — has taught me to see every problem from at least five different angles, and carefully think through my design decisions. But with a curiosity that went beyond 'just' buildings, I decided to take a different road and jumped into the world of UX as a freelancer. The two years following, I worked as a Product Designer at Twill, where I had the chance to grow alongside an incredible team and learn about the roller-coaster that's startup life.

Fast forward to today, I'm working as a Senior Product Designer at ThoughtWorks. One step closer to doing what I'm truly passionate about: unlocking the power of design to do good by being able to work with clients who care about their social impact. Here I've led the end-to-end design process on various cross functional teams, from strategy and research to implementation (and recently, doing a little coding myself). I love the ambiguity of early stage projects — to observe, analyze, question, conceptualize and help turn vision into reality.

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